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So....the first group below here she sits in Californ-i-a.....she's been in a "total restoration Program" since 2004.  I got her for a great price, but then had to figure how to get her to Nebraska....... "Son," James "volunteered(?)" ( I bribed him to take a road trip which he jumped at!!!) So the next pics are getting her loaded up/tied down and cruising across country.  James picked up the rig on a Sunday morning.....the Bird was 2 hours up the road and before sundown, they were heading east!!!  She arrived in her new nest pretty much by midnight Monday.....though they didn't get her unloaded until Tuesday AM and I think James "crashed" in Denver already Tuesday night!!!  I'll get a link to whatever pictures James got of his Adventure!!!  I got the rig for enough days so he could spend some time enjoying himself and visiting some friends in Colo.  I'm hoping for more pics....(JAMES!!! as this little trip/adventure did set me back a bit) of my Baby.....herein after called "The Doc" and/or "The Savage!!!" per the moniker. Doc Savage that's been painted of the Pilot's side......anybody have any thoughts on this?  I've been thinking possibly replacing Doc with The and putting quotation marks on either side.....or just leaving it as is in respect for the man who put so much into her and never got to fly her again......

Nice hat, Son

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Original Ads & info, circa 1946:

Various Pics:

Here's a similar Bird that's for sale, similar color, pics to "visualize" mine until it's reassembled:

Ercoupe "Story:"


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